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Football Formation Maker – Tactical Board

You can draw football formation, starting line up or tactical play with Football Formation Maker – Tactical Board. The available tools are on the right side of the board. The result can be saved as PNG image. This board work better with Chrome browser for desktop.

This board available in android and you can easily build formation with your finger tips. Download here.


This board is powered by Fabric.js
Football Formation Board Tips
  • Select one player and add arrow after that, it will make the arrow attached to the selected player.
  • You can add your own image with click image button in the last of tools button list.
  • Save as image with clicking top right button. Image should be saved with PNG extension, append '.png' into the end of the file name. For example 'formation.png'.

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  1. Slim Hentati says:

    Hello, can you add possibility to upload field ? Thanks ! 🙂

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